Piggott’s Directory 1822-3




BROSELEY  a market-town. in the county of Salop. is parted from Madeley by the river Severn, and is a very populous parish, consisting of about 1500 houses and contains according to the last census 4014 inha­bitants. Beneath the surface of the earth is a continued bed of coal, which is dug, and appropriated on the spot to various iron furnaces, potteries, &c. and great quantities are sent to different towns by means of the Se­vern, which divide, also this-parish from Coalbrook-dale. It is noted for a manufactory of glazed pipes; and baa a court of request for assail debts. Broseley is distant from London 146 miles, 13 from Shrewsbury, and 25 from Ludlow. The market is held on Wednesday,—Fairs, last Tuesday in April and October 28th

Hannah Guest is Post Mistress.- The Post leaves for Shiffnal (where it meets the London and Holyhead mails) every morning at a quarter before five, and returns every evening at half past four o’clock.:

COALBROOK-DALE situated about two miles from Madeley, is a winding glen, between two vast hills which break into various forms with beautiful hanging woods. Here and in the neighbourhood, are the most considerable iron works in England;  the forges mills and steam engines with all their vast machinery, the flaming furnaces, and smoking lime kilns, form. a spectacle, horribly sublime; while the stupendous iron arch, striding over the Severn, gives these scenes a yet nearer resemblance to the ideas in romance. This famous bridge was built in the year 1779, the whole having been previously cast in open sand; all the principal parts were erected in three months, without any accident to the work or workmen, or the least obstruction to the navigation of the river.

COALPORT two miles from hence is chiefly noted for its celebrated china manufactory which is well wor­thy the minute inspection of the visitant; as indeed is the whole of this curious and romantic neighbour­hood. About two miles from hence arc the ruins of Buildwas abbey.

The market-day is Friday, and is held at Iron bridge. The fairs held at Madeley, two miles from hence, are January 26, May 29th, and October 12th. The parish contains according to the last returns 5379 inha­bitants.

William Smith, Post Master.-The Post same as Broseley, only a quarter of an hour later in time morning, and quarter of an hour sooner in the evening.



Griffiths James Broseley

Harper Edward, Madeley

Pritchard and Sons, Broseley

Ridding William, Coalbrookdale


Hartshorne; George Broseley

Walter Samuel Elliott, Iron-bridge

Bakers and Flour Dealers

Everall, Peter Broseley

Gwyn. George,  Broseley

Miller George, Iron-bridge

Moore Thomas, Coalport


Coalbrook Dale Company, Coalbrook-dale

Vickers, Pritchard and Pritchard Broseley

Booksellers and Printers.

Smith William, Iron-bridge

Watery S. E. Iron-bridge

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Franklin Edward, Iron-bridge

Parson. Edward, Broseley

Woodruff James, Iron-bridge

Yates — John, Iron-bridge

Braziers & TinPlate Workers.

Barnett George, Iron-bridge.

Fenton Johns Iron-bridge

Parker Widow; Broseley

Brick and Tile Makers.

Amphlitt and Co. Broseley

Blaze Thomas Broseley

Booth Henry Broseley

Davies Thomas, Broseley

Hartshorne, J. Broseley

Palmer Robert, Madeley-wood

Roden Samuel, (& potter) Broseley

Smith Samuel and Co. Madeley


Jenks William. Iron-bridge

Smith Samuel, Madeley..

Cabinet Makers.

Edwards Edward, Iron-bridge

Garbett John. Broseley

Hartshorne George, jun. Broseley

Perks George, Madeley

Coal Masters.

Evans and Son, Broseley

Guest John, Broseley

China Manufacturers

Rose John and Co. Coalport and No. 9, Thanet-place, Temple-bar, London


Haynes Richard, Iron-bridge

Rogers Thomas, Iron-bridge


Brown Henry, Iron-bridge

Cock Roger, Iron-bridge

Cotton Richard, iron-bridge

Fire Offices

Globe, Abraham Wyke, Broseley

Salop, Stephen Jones, Benthall

Grocers, Tea Dealers, &c.

Bailey William, Coalbrook-dale

Chune George, jun. Iron-bridge

Evans Richard, Broseley

Fletcher Mary, Coalbrook-dale

Fletcher Sarah, Coalbrook-dale

Glazebrook James, Iron-bridge

Guest, John, Broseley

Hanley Nathaniel, Iron-bridge

Jones William, Broseley

Milner Betsey, Iron-bridge.

Parker Joshua, Madeley

Smith William, Iron-bridge

Sankey Susanna, Coalbrook-dale

Stanley William, Horshays

Wilkinson William, Iron-bridge

Hop and Seed Merchants.

Guest Charles, Broseley

Lister John and Son, Broseley


Lion, John Farnall, Broseley

Swan, Benjamin Lloyd Iron-bridge

Tontine, W. Colwick, Iron-bridge

Iron and Coal Masters.

Addenbrook, Pidcock &Co. Lightmoor

Botfield. W. and B. Coalport

Bryan and Martin, (coal only) Tuckies-House

Coalbrook-dale Co. Coalbrook-dale

Foster James, Barnett’s Leasow

Hazeldine William, Calcuts

Madeley Wood Co. Madeley-wood

Onions John, Broseley

Iron Founders

Ball Benjamin, Willey-wharf

Hill Stephen, Benthall

Iron Mongers.

Davies Richard, Iron-bridge

Parker Widow, Broseley

Wilkinson William, Iron-bridge

Lime Masters.

Patten John, Benthall

Tranter John, Benthall

Linen and Woolen Drapers and Mercers.

Bryan Arnold, Iron-bridge

Bailey William, Coalbrook-dale

Blanthorn J. (& tailor) Iron-bridge

Charlton-Humphrey, Iron-bridge

Chune George, Iron-bridge

Edwards, Edward Iron-bridge

Fletcher. Mary, Coalbrookdale

Guest Josiah. J, (and stamp office) Broseley

Home J. Madeley

Roberts Thomas, Broseley


Blase Thomas, Broseley

Blanthorn James, Iron-bridge

Bill William, Broseley

Boycott Richard, Iron-bridge

Cook Benjamin, Broseley

Crump Edward, Broseley

Davies Charles, Broseley

Eustice William, Madeley

Gough Thomas, Broseley

Guest Charles, Broseley

Jones John, Broseley

Jones Richard, Madeley

Lister John and Son, Broseley

Lloyd Benjamin, Iron-bridge

Lumley William, Madeley

Perry Thomas, Broseley

Onions Jane, Broseley

Onions Thomas, Broseley

Parker James, Iron-bridge

Smith Samuel, Madeley

Tranter John, Broseley


Crowder Leonard, Iron-bridge

Crowder Thomas, Broseley

Pipe Makers.

Legg Richard, Broseley

Owen Francis Coalbrook-dale

Roden Noah, Broseley

Plumbers and Glaziers.

Crowder Thomas, Broseley

Evans Thomas, Iron-bridge

Jenks William, Iron-bridge

Pritchard John, Broseley

Russell Charles, Coalbrook-dale

Yates Adam, Iron-bridge


Davies Benjamin, Broseley

Grosvener Samuel, Iron-bridge

Richards Thomas, Broseley

Rogers Robert, Madeley

Straw Hat Makers.

Dyas MaryAnn, Iron-bridge

Raby Seth, Iron-bridge


Edwards William, Coalbrook-dale

Fifield William, Broseley

Procter Richard, Iron-bridge

Rowland Hugh, Iron-bridge

Thursfield and Gwynn, Broseley

Wyke and Ashwood, Broseley

Taverns and Public House..

Coopers’ Arms, R. Haynes, Iron-bridge

Hodge Bower, R. Cock, Iron-bridge

Rodney, John Owen, Iron-bridge

Royal Oak, Stn. Davies, Iron-bridge.

Talbot, Sarah Bycott, Iron-bridge

White Hart, J. Mantle, Iron-bridge

Tallow Chandlers

Evans Richard, Broseley

Goodwin Benjamin, Iron-bridge

Haywood and Jones, Iron-bridge

Jones John, Broseley

Timber Merchants.

Chune Geo. & Son, Coalbrook-dale

Davies Stephen. Iron-bridge

Griffiths James, Coalport

Nock Thomas, Coalbrook-dale

Smith Samuel, Madeley


Reynolds Joseph, Esq. Coalport

Wine & Spirit Merchants

Lister John and Son, Broseley

Wire Worker

Haywood John, Iron-bridge


Bell and Poole, potters, Broseley

Easthope J. cheese mgr. Bent-hall

Edge Benjamin, Pit-chain & pattern ring maker, Coalport

Embery Jas salt dealer, Iron-bridge

Gething J. tailor &c Iron-bridge

Griffiths Robt. wheelwrt. Broseley

Gwynn James, basket maker, &c, Broseley

Jones C.C. . rope maker, Coalport

Onions John, hat manuf. Broseley

Reynolds Richard, hairdresser, &c. Iron-bridge

Stodd F. boat builder, Iron-bridge

Stormont John, patten ring maker, Iron-bridge


LONDON, Crowley, Hicklin &Co. Wed. and Saturday, Iron-bridge

LONDON John Jolly, from Geo. Hartshorne’s, Broseley, Tuesday.

SHRESBURY, Parry, from the Swan, Iron-bridge, and the Crown, Broseley, Tuesday and Friday


BRISTOL, and all the line of the Severn, Ames and Jones, from Coalport warehouse every spring tide

BRISTOL, Wm. Devey, from Coalport warehouse, every spring tide

SHREWSBURY. Wm. Goodwin, from his own house, Iron-bridge every spring tide.

SHREWSBURY and Droitwich, Samuel Poole, from his own house, Iron-bridge.

STOURPORT, g. Lloyd, from the Swan Inn, Iron-Bridge, every week.



WORCESTER, every day (except Sunday) at half-past nine in the morning.

WORCESTER Mon. Wed. & Friday mornings at half past eight