A market-town in the franchise of Wenlock, contain­ing 1019 houses, and 4814 inhabitants. Here, and in the neighbourhood, are many coal and iron mines ; and is much noted for the manufacturing of glazed pipes. The market is held on Wednesday. Broseley is distant from London 146 miles, from Shrewsbury 14 miles, and from Ludlow 25 miles.

Mr. Isaiah Guest, Post .Master,-The Post arrives from Wenlock in Broseley every Morning at half-past three o'clock, and returns the same evening.-From Shiffnal to Broseley every Morning at hall past four.


Celebrated for its iron bridge over the Severn, is a winding glen between two vast hills, which are covered with hanging trees, and is situated about a mile from Madeley. Here are the most considerable iron works in England; the forges, mills, and steam engines, with all their vast machinery,-the flaming furnaces, and smoking lime kilns, present a horribly sublime spectacle. The stupendous iron bridge was erected in 1779, the whole having been cast in open sand ; all the principal parts were erected in three months, without any accident to the work or work­men, or the least obstruction to the navigation of the river : the span of the arch is 100 feet, 6 inches,­ the height, from the base line to the centre, is 40 feet, and the whole weight of iron is near 379 tons.

There is no Post-office at COALBROOK-DALE, COALPORT, (which is chiefly noted for its china manufactory), or Madeley, the principal place in the parish being Iron-bridge, where the office is kept by Mr. Smith, Bookseller, Market-place

The Post arrives at the Iron-bridge about four in the Morning, and returns at four in the Evening,


Stands in an elevated situation, fifteen miles from Shrewsbury, and contains 1081 houses, and upwards of 5370 inhabitants. It has a market on Friday, called Madeley Wood market, which is generally well supplied with provisions, and is of late become a con­siderable mart for corn. Two miles from Madeley, church, in a south-easterly direction is Coalport,* which takes its name from the termination of the Shropshire canal, which is seven miles in length, The coals brought by this conveyance, from the extensive mines of Ketley, Dawley, and other places, are landed on the banks of the river Severn, and are thence forwarded in barges to different parts of the counties of Worcester and Gloucester, to the average amount of fifty thousand tons annually.

* At Coalport, the large and flourishing Porcelain Manufacture of J.

Ross AND Co. is carried on to a great extent, and is the only one of the bind u, the county. This article in the beauty of its composition,-the superior taste displayed on its surface, and the elegance of the workman. ship, is no a here excelled.


Matthew Court, Iron-bridge

James Griffiths, Broseley

Pritchard and Sons, Broseley

William Ridding, Coalbrook-dale

John Wase, Iron-bridge



George Hartshorne, Broseley

Samuel Elliott Walter, (and printer) Iron-bridge

Samuel Smith, Madeley

Bakers and Flour Dealers,

Peter Everall, Broseley

George Gwynn, Broseley

Thomas Harris, Coalbrook-dale

Edward Jones, Iron-bridge

George Miller, Iron-bridge

Thomas Moore, Coalport

John Onions, Madeley


Darby and Co. Coalbrook-dale

 J. G. and J. Pritchard, Broseley

Bookseller, Stationer, Printer, and Bookbinder.

William Smith, (and post-master) Iron-bridge

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Edward Franklin, Ditto

Ford and Lewis, Iron-bridge

- Howard, Iron-bridge

Edward Parsons, Broseley

James Woodruff Iron-bridge

John Yates, Ditto

Braziers, and Tin-Plate_ Workers.

George Barnett, Ironbridge

James Bartlem, Ditto John Fenton, Ditto

Widow Parker, Broseley

Brick and Tile Manufacturers.

Amphlitt and Co. Broseley

Thomas Blase, Ditto

Henry Booth, Ditto

Roger Cock, Madeley Wood

Thomas Davies, Broseley

J. Hartshorne, Ditto

Samuel Roden, (and potter) Ditto

Samuel Smith and Co. Madeley


William Jenks, Iron-bridge

Samuel Smith, Madeley

Cabinet Makers.

Brooke Cox, Madeley Wood

Edward Edwards, Iron-bridge

Robert Evans, sen. Madeley

Robert Evans,.jun. Ditto

John Gurbett, Broseley

George Hartshorne, jun. Ditto

George Perks, Madeley

Thomas Rogers, Iron-bridge

Coal Masters.

Coalbrook-dale Company

Evans and Son, Broseley

John Guest, Ditto

Madeley Wood Company

China Manufacturers.

John Rose and Co. Coalport, and No. 9, Thanet Place, Temple Bar, London


Richard Haynes, Iron-bridge

Thomas Rogers, Ditto

Carriers and Leather Sellers.

Henry Brown, Ironbridge

 Roger Cock, Ditto

Richard Cotton, Ditto

Fire Offices.

Alliance, Thomas Graham, Ironbridge

Globe, Abraham Wyke, Broseley

Salop, Stephen Jones, Benthall

Grocers, Tea-Dealers, &c.

Richard Armstrong, Iron-bridge

William Bailey, Coalbrook-dale

Leonard Crowther, Iron-bridge

George Chune, sen. Coalbrook-dale

Richard Evans, Broseley

Sarah Fletcher, Iron-bridge

James Glazebrook, Ditto

John Guest, Broseley

Margaret Hanley, Iron-bridge

William Jones, Broseley

Betsy Milner, Iron-bridge

Joshua Parker, Madeley

William Smith, Iron-bridge

Henry Smith, Ditto

William Stanley, Horshays

Benjamin Wright, Coalbrook-dale

Henry Wilcox, Ironbridge


John Onions, Broseley

William Shinglar, Iron-bridge

Hop and Seed Merchants.

Charles Guest, Broseley

John Lister and Son, Ditto


Lion, Benjamin Law, Broseley

Swan, Benjamin Lloyd, Iron-bridge

Tontine, J. Turton, Ditto

Talbot, R. Boycott, Ditto

White Hart, Fanny Mantle, Ditto

Iron and Coal Masters.

Addenbrook, Pidcock, and Co. Lightmoor

T. W. and B. Botfield, Coalport

Coalbrook-dale Company, Coalbrook-dale

James Foster, Barnett's Leasow

William Hazledine, Calcuts

Madeley Wood Company, Madeley. Wood

John Onions, Broseley

Iron Founders.

Benjamin Ball, Willey-wharf

Stephen Hill, Benthall


Richard Davies, Iron-bridge

Richard Davies, Broseley

John Fenton, Iron-bridge

John Haywood, Ditto

William Smith, Ditto

Lime Masters.

John Patten, Benthall

John Tranter, Ditto

Smith aid Jarvis, Coalbrook-dale

Linen and Woollen Drapers.

William Bailey, Coalbrook-dale

J. Blanthorn, (and tailor), Iron-bridge

Henry Charlton, Ditto

George Chune, Ditto

Edward Edwards, Ditto

James Gething, (woollen only) Coalbrook-dale

James Glazebrooke, Iron-bridge

John Heaford, (woollen only) Coalbrook-dale

John Pace, Madeley

Thomas Roberts, Broseley

William Weare, Iron-bridge

Benjamin Wright, Coalbrook-dale


Thomas Blase, Broseley

J. Blanthorn, Iron-bridge

William Bill, Broseley

R. Boycott, Iron-bridge

W. Broughall, Madeley

Benjamin Cook, Broseley

Edward Crump, Ditto

Charles Davies, Ditto

W. Enstice, Madeley

Thomas Gough, Broseley

Charles Guest, Ditto

John Jones, Ditto

J. Lister & Son, Broseley

B. Lloyd, Iron-bridge

B. Lloyd, Coalbrook-dale          

W. Lumley, Madeley    

Thomas Perry, Broseley

Jane Onions, Ditto        

Thomas Onions, Ditto   

J. Parker, Iron-bridge    

Samuel Smith, Madeley 

John Tranter, Broseley  

B. Wright, Coalbrook-dale


Leonard Crowder, iron-bridge

Thomas Crowder, Broseley

Robert Evans, Madeley

William Jenks, Iron-bridge

Adam Yates, The Lloyds

Pipe Makers

Richard Legg, Broseley

Francis Owen, Coalbrook-dale

Noah Roden, Broseley

Edward Shaw, Benthall

Plumbers and Glaziers.

Thomas Crowder, Broseley

Thomas Evans, Iron-bridge

William Jenks, Ditto

John Pritchard, Broseley

John Tilley, Coalbrook-dale

Adam Yates, Iron-bridge


Samuel Poole, Iron-bridge

Francis Yates, Ditto


Benjamin Davies, Broseley

Benjamin Davies, Iron-bridge

Samuel Grosvener, Iron-bridge

- Lloyd, Madeley

Thomas Richards, Broseley

Robert Roberts, Madeley

Straw Hat Makers.

Mary Ann Acton, Iron-bridge

Seth Raby, Ditto


John Ashwood, Broseley,          

William Edwards, Coalbrook-dale          

William Fifield, Broseley           

Richard Thursfield, Ditto           

Richard Proctor, Iron-bridge      

Rowlands and Son, Iron-bridge  

Rowland and Hazlehurst, Dawley Green


Blodwell and Son, Ironbridge

J. Gething, ditto

Tallow Chandlers.

Benjamin Goodwin, Iron-bridge
Richard Evans, Broseley

John Jones, Ditto

Robert Evans, Ditto

Timber Merchants.

George Chune and Son, Coalbrook-dale

Stephen Davies, Iron-bridge

James Griffiths, Coalport

Thomas Nock, Coalbrook-dale

Samuel Smith, Madeley


Benjamin Lloyd, Coalbrook-dale

Joseph Reynolds, Esq, Coalport


Bell and Poole, potters, Broseley

J. Easthope, cheese monger, Benthall

Benjamin Edge, manufacturer of flat chains for coal pits, pattern ring;, &c. Coalport

Robert Griffith, wheelwright, Broseley

James Gwynn, basket-maker, Ditto

John Haywood, wire-worker, Iron-bridge

Charles C. Jones, rope-maker, Coalport

John Lister and Son, wine and spirit merchants, Broseley

John Robinson, manufacturer of linens, Coalbrook-dale

Richard Reynolds, hair-dresser, iron-bridge

William Smith, drawing-master, Coalbrook-dale

Francis Stodd, boat-builder, Iron-bridge

John Stormont, patten-ring-maker, Iron-bridge    


Coopers' Arms,-R. Haynes, Iron-bridge

Golden Ball-Brooke Cox, Madeley

George and Dragon,--Matthew Thompson, Ditto.

Hodge Bower,-R. Cock, Iron-bridge

 Horse and Hoes,-Dirs. Lees, Madeley

Rodney,-Samuel Shuker, Iron-bridge

Royal Oak,-Stephen Davies, Ditto


To London, Crowley, Hicklin, and Co. from the Iron-bridge, every Wednesday and Saturday.

To London, John Jolly, from George Hartshorne's, Broseley, every Tuesday.

To Shrewsbury, Parry, from the Swan Inn, Iron-bridge, and from the Crown lnn, Broseley, every Tuesday and Friday


To Bristol, and all the line of the Severn, Ames and Jones, from Coalport Warehouse, every spring tide.

To Bristol, William Devey, from Coalport, every spring tide.

To Shrewsbury, William Goodwin, from his own house, Iron-bridge every spring tide.

To Shrewsbury and Droitwich, Samuel Poole, from his own house, Iron-bridge, every spring tide.

To Stourport, G. Lloyd, from the Swan, Iron-bridge, every week.



To London, The Prince of Wales, every morning at nine o'clock

To London, from the White Hart, The Emerald, every day at ten o'clock.

To Worcester, every day, (Sundays excepted)

To Shrewsbury, The Emerald, every afternoon, at three o'clock.