Harrison, Harrop & Co. Trade Directory 1861



BROSELEY is a parish and considerable market town in the Wenlock franchise, distant 4 miles E. from Much Wenlock, 13 miles S.E. from Shrewsbury, and 146 miles N.W. from London. The town is seated on an eminence above the Severn, and consists principally of one long irregular built street, with minor streets branching off in different directions. It is situated in the middle of an extensive mining district, in which coal and ironstone are obtained. The town and neighbourhood are also famous far the manufacture of fire-bricks and tobacco-pipes, which are exported to all parts of the kingdom. Broseley is the only place in England where the celebrated glazed tobacco-pipes are manufactured, and it is supposed this was the first place where the manufacture of this article commenced. Here are extensive establishments for the manufacture of the glazed pipes.

The church of All Saints is a free-stone building, consisting of nave chancel, and side aisles, with a square tower in which are six bells. The church was rebuilt in 1845 ; there is accommodation for 1,200 hearers; it is neatly fitted up with oak sittings, and the roof is of groined timber. The living is a rectory; the Rev. R. H. Cobbold, M.A., is the incumbent. The Baptists, the Independents, the Wesleyan Methodists, the Primitive Methodist have each a chapel here. The National school was erected in 1854, at a cost £1600. The site was given by the Right Hon. Lord Forester. The bricks and tiles made at Broseley are not surpassed by any in the kingdom; there are several extensive establishments conducted by the Messrs. Davies and others. The parish contains 1,970A. 3R. 24P. of land. The market is held on a Wednesday. Fairs are held on the last Tuesday in April and October 28th. The Market hail is a brick struc­ture, situated in High street, erected about the year 1779. The Court Room, over the market hall, contains a fine oak chair, beautifully carved, and dated 1626; in this room the petty Sessions are held every six weeks. The news room and library is situated in high street. Broseley is a ward within the jurisdiction of the municipal borough of Much Wenlock, and returns two aldermen and six councillors. The river is the chief outlet of the articles here. The soil is clayey, and the subsoil is carboniferous.

JACKFIELD, a populous district in Broseley parish, 1 mile N.E. from the town, and on the border of the river Severn. The church is a red brick building, dedicated to St. Mary, is a Chapel of Ease of Broseley ; having a square tower, and one bell. The living is a perpetual curacy. There is a National school erected in 1844 for boys and girls. The place is celebrated for the manufacture of bricks and tiles; and there is an ex­tensive traffic carried on with the lower Severn by means of barges. There are large quantities of ironstone calcined and transmitted down the river to Stourport, from whence it is conveyed by canal to Staffordshire, the mixture of which, with this ironstone, produces the best English iron.

POST OFFICE, High street, Richard Rushton, postmaster. Letters arrive every morning at 5.3; afternoon, at 4.30; dispatched, morning at 7, and evening at 5.


Pritchards and Nicholas. Draw on Barnetts, Hoare, and Co., London High street.


Assessor and Collector of Taxes, Richard Ruston, High street.

Clerk to the Trustees Wenlock Turnpike Road, George Hartshorne, High Street.

News Room and Library, High street, Isaac Burnet, librarian

Organist of the Church, H. Bathurst, Church street.  

Registrar of Births and Deaths, for Broseley District, William Perris, High street.

Sub-Distributor of Stamps, Richard Rushton, High street.

All Saint's Church, Rev. R. H. Cobbold, rector.



Baptist, Birch Meadow.

Independent, Duke street.

Old Baptist, Chapel lane, Rev. Edward Jones.

Primitive Methodists, Broseley Wood.

Wesleyan, Duke street.

Wesleyan, Coalford.



Infants, Miss Ryalls, mistress.

National, George Ledger, plaster ; Miss Ferguson, mistress.



Bartlam, Edward, glover, High street   

Maw, John, Hornby, Barratt's hill

Charlton, Henry, King street

Nicholas. William Queen street              

Cobbold, Rev. R. H., Rectory

Pritchard, John, Esq., M.P., High street

Griffiths, Miss, Church street

Potts, George, Harris's green

Hartshorne, F. H., Church street           

Shaw, W. P., Church street

Hartshorne, Mrs., Bank place

Thorns, Mrs., Church street

Humphries, Mrs., Woodlands green

Thursfield, Richard, Queen street

Lister, Edward, The Cottage




Aston, James, coal master, Windmill lane

Bourne, William, beer retailer, High street

Bartlam, Edward, glover, surgeon, High street

Broadhurst, Thomas, wheelwright, Church street

Beard, Thomas, barge owner, Werps

Brown, Edward, Summer House, Cherry Tree hill

Beddows, Elizabeth, grocer, Ferry Bank

Burnet, Isaac, shoemaker, High street

Burnett, Thomas, furrier, King street

Burnet, ,James, farmer, Woodhouse

Bentley, John, Albion, high street

Burnet, John, grocer, High street

Bell, Jeremiah, butcher, Woodlands green

Burnett, Mary Ann, hosier, High street


Burroughs, John, rope maker, Lady Wood

Instone, Richard, grocer, Church street


Burton, John aud Edward, brick makers, Lady Wood

Instone, Samuel, grocer, Church street

Cartwright, James, beer retailer, King street

Jones, John, ,Pheasant Inn, commercial and posting house, Church street (see advt.)

Cartwright, James, jun., butcher, Legg's hill

Jones, Richard, painter. High street

Cartwright, John, butcher, Legg's hill

Jones, Samuel, baker, Chapel street

Charlton, Humphrey, wine and spirit mer­chant, High street

Jonnes, Sarah, school Harris's green

Childe, Thomas, tinman, Hockley

Jones, Thomas, fishmonger, The Delph

Clayton, Edward farmer, Rowton Farm

Jones, William, land and road surveyor, Dunge house

Corfield, Thomas, butcher, Church street 

Langford, George, coal master, Fiery field


Cowley James carpenter, Fox lane

Leadbetter, Enoch, auctioneer, High street

Cox, Benjamin, coal dealer, Quarry road

Leadbetter, J., Duke of York, Church street


Cox, Robert, Smith, Saddler, High street

Leadbetter, J., shoemaker, Church street

Cranage, Edward, Duke of Wellington, Tuckes field

Lewis, George Warburton, grocer, High street


Culliss, Thomas, Tumbling Sailors, Coal­ford

Lloyd, Humphrey, ,joiner, High street

Davis, George, and Co., brickmakers, Dunge Works

Davies, Mary Ann, shopkeeper, King street

Lloyd, Sarah, Globe. King street

Lloyd, William, brick maker, Lloyd Head

Davies, Samuel, butcher, King street

Mapp, Thomas, cement manufacturer, Calcutts

Davis, Thomas, Duke of Cumberland, King street

Mason, James, shoemaker, High street

Davis, Thomas, tailor, Delph

Mason, John, grocer, King street

Wills, Joseph, barge owner, Salthouse

Maw and Company, Benthall Geometrical and Encaustic Mosaic Tile Works, Brose­ley

Doughty, George, barge owner, Salthouse

Miles and Oakes, grocers, Salthouse

Edwards, Elizabeth, Forester's Arms, Lower Church street

Mollyneaux, Thomas, shoemaker, High street

Edwards, Joseph, blacksmith, Calcutt rails

Morgan, Rebecca, shopkeeper, Coalford

Evans, John, grocer, Simpson's lane

Morris, Thomas, haulier, Coneybury

Evans, John, carpenter, Calcutts

Nevitt, Enoch, bookseller, High street

Evans, William, artist, King street

Nevitt, James, Bryan, tailor, High street

Everall, Elizabeth, shopkeeper, King street

Nevitt, Samuel, shopkeeper, high street

Everall, Robert, butcher, Church street

Parker, Benjamin, barge owner, Lloyd head

Exley, William, builder, Rock

Parker, Charles, Black Swan Lloyd Head

Felton, William, farmer, Swinbatch

Perrin, William, draper, High street

Foster and Co , Iron Stone Pitts, Calcutts

Porter, John, wheelwright, Church street

Francis, Thomas, tailor, Barratt's hill

Potts and Cordon, solicitors, High street

Garbett, Joseph, blacksmith, Church street

Pountney, Edwin, baker, Church street

Garbett William, china dealer, Duke street

Powell, Richard, shopkeeper, Woodland's Green

Glaze, Francis, shoemaker, Simpson's lane

Pritchards and Nicholas, bankers (draw on Barnett, Hoare, and Co., London)

Glover, Edward, hairdresser, high street

Raspass, Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Barratt's hill

Gwynn, Enoch, basket maker, King street

Raspass, John, coal master, Birch row

Hartshorne, Charles, cabinet maker, high street

Rawlins, Edwin, farmer, Swinbatch

Hartshorne, Edward, shoemaker, High street

Reynolds, Johu, Old Crown, Church street

Hartshorne Frederick, Hezekaih, surgeon Church street

Reynolds, John, barge owner, Salthouse

Hartshorne, Hannah, dressmaker, High street

Richards, Elizabeth,  beer retailer, Salt­house

Harvey, John, grocer, King street

Roberts, George, shoemaker, Bridge

Harvey, Thomas, seedsman, Church street

Roden, Edwin, miller, Benthall

Hayman, John, beer retailer, Barber's row

Roderick, Joseph, basket maker, Barratt's hill

Hill and Aston, coal masters, Hay Cop

Rowe, Charles, wheelwright, Wood

Humphries, Benjamin, Talbot, Church street

Rufus, Hanuah, King's Head, King street

Humphries, John, grocer, High street

Rushton, Henry, carpenter, Duke street


Rushton, Richard, grocer, High street

Turner, Mary, shopkeeper, Quarry road

Smith, James, tailor, Chapel street

Watkins, William, New Inn, Speed lane

Smith, Moses, draper, King street

Watson, Thomas, farmer, Benthall

Smitheman, Rowland, and Thomas, builders and contractors, and steam saw mills, Broseley (see advt.)                  

Weaver, Mary, grocer, King street

Smithman, Thomas, beer retailer, King street

Williams, Edward, ferryman, Coalford

Southern, Ann, Nelson, Broseley  Wood

Weeks, Eliza, Lord Hill, King street

Southron, Edwin, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, Speeds lane

Weeks John, shoemaker, Chapel street

Southron, William, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, Broseley

Weeks, Thomas, shoemaker, King street

Squires, Richard, bricklayer, High street

Williams, Ann, higgler, High street

Stephen, Peter, artist, Lloyd Head

Williams, Henry, baker, Church street

Thomas, Mary Ann and son, hosiers, High street

Williams, James, shopkeeper, Workhouse road

Tonkis, R., pipe maker, Barratt's hill

Wootton, Herbert, butcher, High street

Thursfield, Richard, surgeon, Queen street

Yates, Elizabeth, New Crown, High street



Boden, Daniel, barge owner

Oswell, William, beer retailer

Cullis, William, barge owner

Lloyd, Henry, jun., beer retailer

Dillon, Joseph, barge owner

Reynolds, John, barge owner

Lloyd, Henry, barge owner

Williams, William, barge owner

Lloyd, Henry, beer retailer