Bridgnorth Road

Running south from the High Street to the road to Bridgnorth it is also known as new road.

Formerly Broseley School this building is now the Library and Health Centre
It was built in 1876 to a design by Robert Griffiths at a cost of 1,600 and was enlarged in 1876 to hold 500 pupils.  The school was replaced by a new complex at Dark Lane in 1967.

The Developments in King Street and Bridgnorth Road were part of a slum clearance program started in 1919.  However the first houses were not built until 1925.  They are to a design by Geo. Ridley & Sons of Wellington which was used throughout the Borough of Wenlock.  In addition to the pair built in 1925, 28 were built in 1936 and a further 46 in 1945-7.