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Mining Sites in Broseley Today

The corrugated iron miners cabin at the Viger Drift - March 2001

Looking into the Adit at the Viger Drift
 - March 2001-

From the entrance to the Viger Drift
The corrugated iron lining is now being distorted by the ground pressure 
- March 2001-

Although recently landscaped the ocherous water is a tell tale sign that this from the Crawstone Level at Ladywood.
- March 2001 -

Turners Yard Colliery - Caughley
This building is on the site of the 20th Century workings. Although it was later used as an office/cabin its original purpose is not clear.  The fuel tank on the left is associated with  latest open cast workings.
One of the few mining buildings remaining in Broseley the far gable wall is in danger of collapsing due to the pressure of waste piled against it !
- September 2000 -