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Incorporating the Wilkinson Society

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    The next meeting will be at the Social Club
Wednesday 4th September - Posenhall Reservoir, Peter Cross

Broseley has strong links with the early industrial revolution.  By the beginning of the 17th Century it was a thriving industrial settlement having close links with Coalbrookdale, on the other side of the River Severn.   In the 18th and 19th centuries it developed into a major center for coal mining, iron manufacture, earthenware manufacture and a variety of associated activities. The famous Iron Bridge was built in 1779 to link Broseley with Coalbrookdale and led to the foundation of the town of Ironbridge which is now part of a World Heritage Site..

This early industrial activity has resulted in a settlement of remarkable character.  The architecture is a mixture of three centuries of building styles in a hilly and wooded setting mixed together in a delightfully haphazard manner.

The Society also has an independent reference collection of 'Wilkinson' relics, important local artifacts, photographs, documents and ephemera relating to Broseley's social and industrial past.  As further material becomes available this is added to the collection.

You are welcome to partially use our documentation, articles & imagery as long as you acknowledge its author.
i.e. ‘Quote from article by J. Smith, newsletter May 2021’; ‘picture courtesy of J. Smith’
A backlink to our website is also appreciated. Many thanks for your cooperation.

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